DIY Bachelorette Party Shirts

My wedding is getting closer and closer… the planning is done and the festivities have begun!!

My girls planned an amazing bachelorette party. It was amazing. We had a Smitten Kitten (pro-women, healthy sexy toy party), pole dancing class (!!!), food, a fire, hot-tubing, and a movie.

To add to the fun, one of my girls suggested she and I make shirts for everyone! Naturally, we “pinterest-ed” ideas. There was soooo much! The purchasable ones would rack up quite a bill for the 6 of us. And the DIY ones were intricate and slightly intimidating. We ended up creating our own simple shirts for a decent price.

Basic Supplies:

The shirts were on sale ($4)

Metallic acrylic paint ($4)

Sponges ($2)

Plastic stencils ($6)

Masking tape ($2)

Wax paper ($3)

First thing’s first… this is all of our gear.


A Note on Paints: the best type of paint to use is fabric paint. If you don’t have any/can’t find any, you can mix in a textile medium. However, we couldn’t find any in our town… so we just used the acrylic paint as it. It honestly worked out just fine.

To set up, we cut wax paper pieces and inserted them in the shirts to prevent the paint from bleeding through. It works like a charm. And much more handy than cardboard.

The next step is to take those beautiful, reusable stencils and center them on the shirt as you’d like. Tape down two of the letters. For instance: in “CREW” we taped the “r” and “w.” (Trying to place the entire word or two letters side by side will create large gaps.) Take your little sponge brush and dab away. DO NOT USE STROKES. This will move the shirt and mess up your design. Dab, dab, dab.


Keep on, keeping on. You can either let dry completely before doing the next letters… or you can do what we did. We let it dry for a little while then very carefully placed the other letters down. Tape these on the top and bottom (Obviously taping the sides won’t work too well.) Continue painting!

My partner in crime, Heidi. This girl rocks.

Here’s a bonus picture of our moral support… Abaddon took a break from supervising us to supervise the fish. Kinda cute, huh?


Anywho, this is what our shirts ended up looking like! “BRIDE” for me; “CREW” for, well, my crew!


As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we went to a pole dancing class! It was a wonderful experience and a little bit of a work out. No, it wasn’t at a strip club or anything. There’s a fitness in The Cities that teaching pole dancing classes. (Our instructor was adamant that she has never been, nor ever will be, an erotic dancer.) Great experience. If I had a gym closer to my house that taught classes like this, I would certainly participate. I encourage ya’ll to try it out!

Me & my girls 🙂

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