The Wishing Well

This is my wish for you.

I want you to know just how lucky you are to have so many to love. That when you’ve been held down, when you reach the very end, you’ll know there will always be a set of arms to catch your fall no matter what.

Know that you don’t have to be an astrophysicist to fall into the rhythm of the stars as they smolder, light years away, pulling on your burning heart. Marveling at the sheer beauty.

I wish for you to see the beauty in absolute silence, screaming skies, and the eyes of curious children– not yet tainted by the pains of this world, but full of excitement, possibility, and joy.

… as cliche as that is.

I don’t see why you search so fervently for magic in other places when all you need do is stop.
Take a moment.
and look within yourself… deep down between the tissues of your beat-beat-beating heart and the iron strength of of your ribs, sparks fly. It’s there.

I wish for you to remember that not everyday is going to be sunshine and dandelions, that some days you just have to take the hurt, take the pain, because baby, you are one of the few who can.
but i also want you to remember to let go.
and when you forget how, just open your arms and spin ’til you drop, smiling, knowing that this life, this world is a beautiful place if you but open your eyes and listen to the babies crying and the dogs howling, enjoying the chaos–because this way you can feel: you are alive.

I wish that you won’t ever apologize for the burning wildeyes starlight that is your soul.

You’re looking for comfort in all the wrong places. Open legs aren’t open arms, and the sharks are just waiting for you to slip. So don’t turn back to the dangerous familiar. Old wounds fester twice as much.

Know that strong people are far and few and that you will be pulling, dragging, holding, fixing others. Wearing yourself out, tearing yourself down, screaming for someone to extend a life raft because your water wings have deflated and it’s just too much to trust your own legs to tread for you, but defeat isn’t an option.

Understand that words cause scars deeper than fists. Believe me. A mistake I make myself.

I know it’s a hard, lonely road. I’ve walked it. Just wait for the song that matches your own melody; because you never did like elevator music–this symphony is all or nothing. But also know, it’s okay to sing until then.

Darling, I wish for you to realize that the monster under your bed is your own shadow and that yes, you are alone, but never lonely and that this life will fly at you, knock you down, drown you. Baby, please understand this because I’m off to foreign lands to fight wars and I won’t be able to help you. So you’re going to have to save yourself.


2 thoughts on “The Wishing Well

  1. Wow, was this written by you? It is beautiful. It makes me want to know the rest of the story! (Which I know I none of my business, but by making the reader want to know more means you have done a great job.)


    1. Yep! I actually wrote it a year or so ago. I found it the other day and figured I’d see what the internet thinks! Most loosely explained, it’s a message to myself. Times get hard, ya know? 🙂


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