Coffee Peppermint Body Scrub

What are three things I love?

Baths. Coffee. And easy DIY.

Body scrubs, like soaps in general, clean your butt. Scrubs do just that–scrub. So, you’ll get a bit more dead skin off of you in the cleansing process. Just don’t scrub too hard because that’ll do more harm than good. A little pro-tip: salt scrubs are good for oily skinned people while sugar scrubs work best for those with normal to dry skin.

Apparently you can “scrub the cellulite away” with coffee scrubs. Whatever. I’m not going to put much stock in that… the coffee just smells delicious!! So, that’s what we are making today: coffee body scrub.

Throw in some peppermint for the aromatic benefits. Sugar does the “scrubbing” that we are looking for. The coconut oil squishes everything together and hydrates your skin. Simple stuff, huh?

Let’s get down to business:

Took a whole 30 seconds to collect this stuff. Major effort.
Took a whole 30 seconds to collect this stuff. Major effort.

4 cups Sugar

3/4 cup Coffee grounds

1 1/2 – 2 tsp Peppermint Essential Oil

3/4 cup Coconut Oil

Now, prepare yourself. Intense science is about to happen.

1. Melt down your coconut oil. (It’s a solid at room temp…) You can use a double boiler or nuke it. I chose the latter because that’s how I live my life.

2. Dump your sugar in the bowl with the oil. Mix it. Super complicated. 😉

3. Done? Good. Mix everything else (coffee & mint oil) in.

It's not rocket surgery.
It’s not rocket surgery.

When it’s full blended, it’ll look like dirty sand. Store our delicious scrub in glass jars–mason and the like.

Perfect Christmas gifts!

Perfect Christmas gifts!!

Feel free to adjust the recipe however you want. I don’t care. Try less sugar. Try more oil. Try brown sugar. Try organic crap, if you’re into spending that much money. Try decaf or regular coffee. Try vanilla or lavender instead of mint oil.

Honestly, body scrubs are suuuuper easy to make and suuuuper inexpensive. So, if you’re hurting for cash, they make a GREAT gift. Plus, you can get a few jars out of each batch. If you play your cards right, $10 may create presents for your entire family. I like the sounds of that!

Either way, making the scrub is just as fun as using it. Scrub away, my friends, scrub away!


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