Painted Coffee Mugs

I’m a fan of anything hand-created. I’m not sure what other people think… but I believe there is something special about items you make yourself. Plus, the whole ‘creation’ process tends to be enjoyable!

For Christmas this year, the grandmothers are going to be receiving coffee mugs painted by little Gus. They are SUPER easy to make.


Cheap mugs

Alphabet stickers

Ceramics paint & brushes

Step ONE: Stick those stickers on. We’re rocking the “Nana” and the “Mima.”


Step TWO: Paint away! Make sure to paint completely over the stickers.


Step THREE: Air dry! Seriously. Let those bad boys sit for a few hours. The stickers are easiest to tear off when they paint is NOT tacky.

Step FOUR: …peel off the stickers! Things I learned: let the paint completely dry. Otherwise the paint will come with the sticker. I ended up using an exacto-knife to help feel them off. It can get pretty tedious, but it’s worth it.

Step FIVE: Now, with painting ceramics, you have to heat them up. You can either let the cups sit untouched for a month, or you can do what I did. I set the mugs in the oven, set the heat to 350 degrees. When it reaches that temperature, I set the timer for 30 minutes. Finally, I turn off the oven after the timer sounds.

Basically, you let the cups heat up in the oven, cook, then cool down in the oven.

These are top-shelf dishwasher safe (if you use the same kind of paint).

Our “Mima” cup didn’t turn out… because I tried to peel the letters ahead of time, but the “Nana” cup looks pretty darn good!


Not too shabby! 🙂 Time to wrap these up and get ourselves a nice “datte” (that’s “latte” in Gus speak.)


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