How To: Surviving Finals Week

That time year is upon us… again. 30 seconds ago we were dealing with midterms, and now we are struggling to keep it together for 10 minutes at a time! Gaaaahhh…


So, here are a few tips to making it through this dreadful time:


  1. Take breaks! Your brain is wired in a way that a 6 hour study bender isn’t very effective. I study for a while, then find snacks or talk with people or even watch TV.
  2. All-nighters are a myth. Truth. Your brain NEEDS sleep. So, all that information you stayed up to cram into your brain has no way to “harden.” Study until you’re reasonably tired… then go to bed. Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep does more for you than that sleepless-cram night. Just ask neuro-psychologist John Medina.
  3. Remember the taking breaks part? Yeah, use one of those breaks at the gym. Yet another scientifically proven fact that I don’t care to cite right now.
  4. RELAX!! This is just a final. This final does not determine your worth. It does not dictate how your life will turn out. You are a good person who does good work. And if it doesn’t turn out how you want, tomorrow is another day.
  5. Create a study-friendly environment: cuddle up on the couch (NOT YOUR BED, we don’t want to associate sleep with studying. At least I don’t.) with some comfy blankets, turn on background noise if you need it, have delicious beverages and comfort-brain food nearby.
  6. Combat procrastination. Try small, semi-frequent study sessions. I, personally, turn on the TV so I get noise AND some fun. Remember, studying isn’t going to last forever. At some point, you’re going to have to take the exam. Face it. It’s a fact.
  7. Day of: wear the clothes you normally wear, do the things you normally do, sit in the seat you normally sit in (if you can). Human brains like patterns. Our memories are associated with certain sensory information. So, do your best to mimic a regular day and your brain may have just a little bit easier time recalling that desired information.
  8. Studying: everyone studies differently. Now really isn’t the time to start something new. Do what you’ve done all semester; maybe add a little bit more. Or even just a little bit more time. Just don’t go overboard.


You’ll make it through this, I promise. At some point the semester has to end. The sooner we get the exams out of the way, the sooner it’s behind us… and then CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! 😀


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