Just Another Day

Okay. It’s a new week and I know that I need to keep up my blog…. I just am not sure that I actually have anything worthwhile to say. Just a few random bits.

  1. I’ve been working on my 25 before 25 list(s). The first one, the To-Do, is really difficult!! Half of them I don’t want to do… and the other half are just general lifestyle changes. I did SO well at first. Now, I can’t seem to pick up eating breakfast and all of the garbage that I told myself I would do this year. I need to get back into it… it’s just SO hard!!! It helps that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and spewed my plans all over the internet, so I guess I have you guys to thank. I need you to keep me honest and working towards my goal!
  2. Next up, my 25 books before 25. That business is difficult!! I just don’t have the time to read! That’s not the typical I-just-don’t-want-to-make-time, either. I really don’t. My down time consists of chasing after Gus and taking baths to relax. By the time I get everything done for the day, it’s past 10:30pm and I just need to sleep. I want to read, but I need a 30 hour day instead of 24. Plus it doesn’t help that for one of my classes I have to read book after book. Some are good, some are rather sucky. Either way, reading them eats up my would-be time for reading for leisure. Poo on that one.
  3. BUT speaking of required books, I have a couple comments. One, Brain Rules by John Medina. It’s AWESOME. I feel like huge nerd, but I love it. It’s about, well, the human brain! Medina discusses the impact and relationships between the brain and exercise, sleep, stress, memory, wiring, attention, gender, and all sorts of other categories. I’ve (had to) read a number of books for a class of one type or another and they are typically SUPER DRY. But Medina is not, which is very exciting. He not only supports his conclusions with a large volume of research, he also does it in a very easily understood manner. Pretty much anyone can pick up the book and get what he is trying to say. I HIGHLY recommend this book. I sometimes consider replacing one of the books on my list with this one, but that might be considered cheating… and I’m not a cheater. Or replacing a list book with another one. For example, being the overachiever I am, I ordered Brain Rules for Babies by John Medina. But that’s because child development is a HUGE passion of mine… and I loved his first book. Since this second book is for fun, is it cheating if I put that on the list??
  4. Two, the book that we are working out of now is The Geography of Time by Robert Levine. I’m not a fan. He has plenty for information incorporated, but it’s just not grabbing my attention. I feel like he could get to the point a lot faster.
  5. And I mentioned time… The stupid book just seems to remind me how limited life feels. Gus is growing so quickly. I’m already married and have a family. I’m almost done with my bachelor’s degree and looking at graduate schools. We are planning on buying a house in the near future. I’m getting older… but more importantly, my parents are too. And that fact makes me super sad.
  6. There is so much going on. And I don’t seem to have the words. I want to have the words, but I just don’t.

Sorry, dear readers. There’s not much to this post… Just another day, another dollar.

But, I have a Husband who is almost done cooking food, so I should probably go enjoy his Food Network inspired creation. Love that man. 🙂


One thought on “Just Another Day

  1. Sometimes the best tid bits come when you think you dont have anything to say! Sometimes its just relaxing to type whatever comes to mind, even when you think its not that interesting. I enjoyed reading your blog this week! I hope your dinner was good, I to have a husband who enjoys to cook and can make some delicious dishes!!


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